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About Us

We are a Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) provider driven by key automation and autonomy services coupled with an agile, fast paced services team allowing us to drive pro-active SOC as a Service with nimble response times.

Our Value is to provide continuous Cyber Security posture improvement by integrating our service with your teams and delivering quality recommendations with realistic action items.

By equipping your team with our SOC we reduce the overhead of detection, analytics, triaging and incident management. We provide improved visibility for optimal detections. Having a SOC of note with state of the art automation, increasing the time-to-live of attacks and reducing the attack surface, allowing us to be a key part of delivering cyber resilience.

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Mission statement

Our mission is to ensure total situational awareness to ensure continuous improvement of your cyber security posture, enabling us to lead you on your journey to complete cyber resilience.

Our Management Team

We have brought the world’s best and brightest minds from across a wide range of industries to create a new kind of SOC company, one that delivers protection from today’s complex and sophisticated threats, and stops cyber-attacks at every point across the organisation.

Gerald Naude

Head of SOC

Being a Cyber Security evangelist to the enterprise community and head of SOC ...

Nontsikelelo Maduna

SOC Team Lead

I am the SOC Team Lead. I use technical knowledge of several security technologies to analyse ...

Key Values of our SOC

Continuous business improvement

Having the assurance of continuous Cyber Security posture improvements is at the heart of our value proposition. Our goal is to ensure that your business remains resilient as technology, and the nature of cyber attacks change, and that the value we add evolves alongside the changing threat landscape.

State-of-the-art automation Programme

Our SOC offers automation out of the box as part of our service delivery strategy to ensure that the people and processes are at their optimal performance. This enables us to detect any issues and respond rapidly, ensuring minimal impact on your teams in the incident response cycle. A faster response means lower risk.

Business Audit

Our SOC learns your business inside and out, gaining a full understanding of how you function to enable us to identify weaknesses and blind spots. More importantly, it allows us to know what assets and information are crucial, so we focus more attention on those areas. Having a business-focused SOC strategy also allows our team to have an optimal triage process and enriches threat categorisation and prioritisation.

Cyber Security is critical to business success.