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Reap all the benefits of our CYBER1 SOC without the resources and complexity of your own operation.


A robust security operations centre (SOC) that is well run, and equipped with the latest technologies and expertise can help bolster the security posture of any organisation. But building and maintaining your own SOC can be prohibitively expensive, and hard to manage without the right resources. Outsourcing this function gives your business a solution that puts a team of Cyber Security experts at your disposal 24/7, and won’t break the bank.

Having highly-skilled analysts on board to detect advanced threats and offer advanced managed detection and response services, will enable your business to identify, respond to and mitigate these threats before they become a problem.

CYBER1 SOC offers ongoing monitoring of advanced threats across endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and applications. Our services detect emerging, evolving, and established threats through the latest threat intelligence and hunting.

We provide nimble detection and proactive response,
delivering “state-of-the-art” automation and continuous business improvement.

SOC Service Tiers

Continuously monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

  • Basic SOC
    as a Service
  • Standard SOC
    as a Service
  • Advanced SOC
    as a Service
  • Enterprise SOC
    as a Service
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